Taking a Break

I’ve grown tired of most of the ‘groups’ that I’ve been a part of through Myspace lately.  I’ve grown weary of those who call themselves skeptics but fail to challenge those things they hold as mere intuition.  I’m absolutely disgusted with everything that relates to religion, though I’ve felt that way for a few years so that’s nothing new.

I am sick to my stomach about people who want to teach intelligent design in school and those who think that the theory of evolution is a mere surmise and hypothesis.  Those pure idiots who think they can discredit science by proving some aspect of knowledge as incorrect.  The fools will never realize that science is exactly about proving hypothesis as either true or untrue.  Nobel prizes have been granted to people who have set out to disprove an old scientific theory because their research ended up reinforcing the existing theories.  These people didn’t cry out in dismay or anger because they were wrong, they rejoiced.

Science begs for the truth, it cares only for the truth absolute, not subjective truth.  That is why it is so important for science to be challenged by people with KNOWLEDGE enough to do so, not retarded mystics that suck on the cock of a dead man.  They have no knowledge.


~ by aeroslin on September 5, 2007.

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