I am currently reading The Demon Haunted World and it’s bringing to light something that I have only lightly considered to be a possibility, the epidemic that is delusion.
I believe that there is a greater than 50% possibility that the population of the world is delusional and given to hallucinations.  When I look around and see all the religious people who feign to be reasonable and intelligent I can only shake my head in dismay.  These people really don’t know that the picture of the world they see isn’t actually real.  I think Richard Dawkins is right in calling it the ‘God Delusion’.  The thing is, it’s not just religion that is a magnet for this type of collective thinking, it’s the various ghost societies, alien abduction cases, and concepts of regression.  It is a part of the human condition to be easily deluded and confused about the nature of the world around us.  It is equally difficult to put aside your own reality in order to accept the one that is true.  What is true?  Is it relative to perspective?  I think the answer is a paradox because it is both yes and no.  My reality is relative to my perspective because I am the one that is perceiving it and yet again this reality is concrete and solid and therefore not dependent upon my interpreting it so therefore it is not relative.


~ by aeroslin on September 25, 2007.

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