UAW Strike

I work for a GM supplier that is being directly affected by the strike.  Previous to my job here at Dakkota Integrated Systems, I worked for Lear Corporation, yet another GM supplier.  Being in this environment made me privvy to the various goings on and trends of the industry.  The biggest thing that I’ve been a part of is GM closing their plants and laying off workers.  A very sad trend indeed that inevitably caused my layoff at Lear.

What is scary is the reasons why the UAW is striking is actually for a good reason, job security.  I’ve seen the other trends of these big corporations like GM, Ford, and Chrysler moving out of the USA and into China and Mexico.  I certainly won’t  mind it if GM changes up some of those plans in order to keep jobs here in America, more to the point, keeping the work that provides me with my employment.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like unions.  In the 21st century, Unions belong in 3rd world countries in order to protect THOSE workers from the wiles of corporate greed.  That’s the basis for the creation of unions, to protect the employees from the unhealthy work environment and to garantee a decent future.  Otherwise, Unions in the USA are cancerous to the economy.

I hope the outcome is that the UAW and GM work together in such a way that promises a nice long tenure in the position I am currently working.

~ by aeroslin on September 25, 2007.

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