Lucas Arts

Apparently Lucas Arts is developing a game called Fracture which is supposed to contain some first ever  technology that’s going to blow everyone out of the water.  Terrain Deformation.  I watched through this video on Yahoo! about it and listened to the money hungry, retarded developers spew bullshit about their idea and how original it is and that nobody has ever been able to try it before because the hardware was just not there.  Yeah, here’s one big “FUCK YOU” to Lucas Arts and their attempt at thievery.

The first game that I’ve played that contained deforming terrain was Populous.  In fact, there are maps in which you can’t win without deforming the terrain in just the right place.  With this terrain deformation came utter destruction to the surrounding buildings.  Another game that I played which actually touted the concept was Red Faction.  It demonstrated terrain destruction such as blowing the crap out of the ground you’re standing on, or blowing holes into the walls of a cave in order to get through a map.  Yep, once again, not new.  One game that just popped into my head was Black and White and that game is not that old!  Your ability to influence the followers was by performing ‘miracles’ which would cause a mosterous volcano to appear whereever you wish.

Why my attack on Lucas Arts?  Star Wars Galaxies.  I played that game when it was released and got some of my friends playing it as well.  I had a pretty good time playing that game and was fully immersed in the career planning options that the game offered.  I loved the idea of having no limits to what I could make my character.  Well, they fucked that game up so bad that they lost well over half of the original players as a result… though SOE is the developer, George Lucas is the one that forced them to screw their original customer base.  I’ll give one example of how fucked up SWG got:
The process of becoming a Jedi in the original SWG was a long and arduous task, as it should be.  Not everyone is born to be a Jedi, the path is not easy.  From day 1 of the release there was a dedicated bunch of people who’s sole purpose was to find that path.  It took a year for the first Jedi to emerge in the game, shortly after that more people found their way as the information became available.  Just as these dedicated and hardcore players got their sabers and started having fun, SOE overhauled the game, by Mr Lucas’ demand, to allow anyone to start off as a Jedi.  No quests are needed, just start your new character and be a Jedi, tada!  That’s bullshit in any gaming arena.  That is just one of the many things that happened to SWG nearly 2 years ago.  As far as I’m concerned George Lucas sabotaged SWG in order to give benefit to himself who couldn’t handle the game. 

Fuck George Lucas, fuck Lucas Arts, and fuck Star Wars.


~ by aeroslin on October 3, 2007.

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