I know that I have wrote about these guys in the past and it seems that FINALLY we’re getting the picture of what the fuck is going on over in Iraq.  It’s not our military that’s causing problems, it’s these Mercenary Corporations that are doing the damage.  They do so without fear of reprimand.  This is only a minor scratching of the surface of how I feel about these death corps.

Given this absolute terrible tragedy that occured recently where 17 innocent people were killed and 24 seriously injured by the incompetent hands of a private security firm, I have to make a couple statements:

Every member of Blackwater that fired a bullet that day, has earned that bullet in their own head.  I hope that the Iraqi government crucifies you as the child killers you are.  My second statement concerns the religious fanatics that are trying to drag this world into hell.  Where is your god when a man is shot in his back while running away from the crazed fuckers from Blackwater shooting happily at everyone.  Where is your god when Blackwater puts the final touches on the assasination of an innocent man and his mother when, after filling their car full of holes, by shooting a grenade inside it?  Where is your god just seconds before all this shit happens?  Noplace.  There is no god to save you.

——————–added info
PTSD is to blame?

Yep, and this goes right along with the tendency in America to find fault in everything else but yourself.  Blame the massacre of innocent people on a mental disorder, that way we can curry favor with those who can relate and tell everyone else that, “You just don’t understand.   You’ve never been there.”  Fuck that.  It’s a copout.


~ by aeroslin on October 4, 2007.

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