PETA Whores

PETA and Vick Team?

Here is my stance on this first I offer this quote:

“Most ominously, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk was involved in the multi-million-dollar arson at Michigan State University that resulted in a 57-month prison term for Animal Liberation Front bomber Rodney Coronado. At Coronado’s sentencing hearing, U.S. Attorney Michael Dettmer said that PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk arranged ahead of time to have Coronado send her a pair of FedEx packages from Michigan — one on the day before he burned the lab down, and the other shortly afterward.

The first FedEx, according to the Sentencing Memorandum, was delivered to a woman named Maria Blanton, a longtime PETA member who had agreed to accept the first Federal Express package from Coronado after being asked to do so by Ingrid Newkirk.  The FBI intercepted the second package, which had been sent to the same address. It contained documents that Coronado stole before lighting his firebombs, as well as a videotape of the perpetrator of the MSU crime, disguised in a ski mask.. Since Coronado was convicted of the arson, we now know that he himself was that masked man. Significantly, wrote U.S. Attorney Dettmer, Newkirk had arranged to have the package[s] delivered to her days before the MSU arson occurred.”

So, now after reading the first article, then reading the quote -which wasn’t easy to find but doesn’t change it’s truth- it appears that our own Government is being dictated to concerning this situation with Vick.  Yes, the USA is being manipulated by terrorists.  That any court or law official is allowed to be pressured by this terrorist organization is mind boggling.  While we’re spending gazillions of dollars on not only sending our military to Iraq, then footing the bill for PRIVATE military organizations (as if that was ethical and moral as well – more like stabbing the back of our military) in order to fight this ‘imminent threat’ from the Middle East, we have these evil kuntz named Ingrid Newkirk running around free in America blowing up laboratories without any consequences.

So, what do I think?  I think that Vick was stupid for getting caught.  I think Vick was stupid for allowing the fighting of animals for monetary gain.  I think that he should be fined, fired, whatever, but prison time?  Are you serious?  Sleeping with PETA as an alternative?  Being forced to attend a PETA controlled ‘class’ on the ethical treatment of animals?  Fuck PETA!


~ by aeroslin on October 4, 2007.

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