I pose this question out of curiosity:
Is it a sign of a bad character to always questions yourself and what you think and change your mind when you find that the previous answers no longer apply?

I ask this question because just a year ago, I stumbled upon a philosophy called Deism which, at the time, appealed to me and appeared to supply answers to questions that I had always had about religion.  Over the course of the year, my point of view has changed some as I’ve come to question many of the ideas I had previously had and in my interaction with other people of the Deistic concepts as well as Agnostics and Atheists.  The most powerful message that I got was from an Atheist who stated that a true atheist doesn’t actually say that ‘there is no god’ but instead views life and their surroundings as if the concept never even made a difference.  This message struck me hard because it was the direction I had been heading during my process of interpreting the reality I experience but couldn’t put my finger on any explanation.  From my thinking, through Deism, I relegated the concept of God down to the lowest possible meaning:  A god created the universe, then stepped away and doesn’t care about what happens inside this universe at all.  This concept cannot be proven so therefore the answer of is there a god or not is unknown.  This is a prominently agnostic point of view.  Is is possible to tie all three together?

A god created this universe but the proof of this god’s existence cannot ever be proven.  Since there is no proof inside this universe of this god, then I cannot, with honesty, believe in the existence of this god.

The deistic point of view is that the will or word of god is evident through nature and this can still be the truth but that evidence is one-way.  It can’t be reversed to the point where it leads to god.  [Just because there is a ripple in the pond, that doesn’t mean it was a pebble dropped into it that caused the ripple to occur.]

I’m a believer in science and scientifically explained processes.  It’s sad that it’s taken me roughly 25 years to reject religion, fantasy, and magic as being real.

~ by aeroslin on October 10, 2007.

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