One Annoyance

I love my job.  I love where I work.  I love the environment and what I do.

There is, however, one annoyance that never ever seems to relent.  I can go for hours without getting a single call for a problem which is really fucking boring.  Yet, after I go for 2-3 hours of nothing, the first call that I get isn’t just one call, it’s 3-4 calls all about different things.  For example:

Tonight, I have been sitting here bored to tears and tired because I’ve not had a good night sleep in over a week due to the moving.  Then, at 2am Kamrin calls me about a problem that he had earlier and wanted to show me what it was (I had requested him to show me the screen he was having problems with so I could take a screen capture and send it to the dayshift guy that handles the ERP problems.)  Just as I took the screenshot my phone beeps again.  This time it’s the Sigma Overhead line.  Apparently the production screen on the 295 platform went blank and nobody knows why.  Just as I was beeping Steve back to get more info, Mario beeps me because they had a rebuild on the IP line and need a shipper manually verified.  So, I save my screenshot, verify the shipper, then walk out to the Overhead line and check the PC.  The teamlead proceeds to tell me that the screen has been down since last night (why the fuck didn’t they tell me then?!).  I check the PC and find that the monitor cable has been unplugged a little bit.  This happens when they replace the labels.  So I plug the damn monitor back in and everything is peachy.  Now I go back to being bored to fucking death for the next 3 hours.  Why can’t that shit be spread out over time?  Would make the day go by faster and keep me busy.


~ by aeroslin on October 10, 2007.

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