Bumming about Gatorade

Ok, so I quit drinking Mt Dew a while ago, like 3 months ago.  I’ve also pretty much cut out all soft drinks from my diet in order to bring in more healthy options.  I do drink the occasional Pepsi, Coke, and Root Beer when I’m eating but since I only eat once / twice a day that intake is minimal.  In between I drink Orange Gatorade because it’s the one with the best flavor.  I drink around 4-5 20oz bottles a day and I’ve felt pretty good about it.  My acid reflux is a ton more manageable and I don’t need to take drugs now in order to avoid that particular problem.  I drink so much more fluids now that when I don’t have any for a period of time, I can feel it in my body as dehydration.

Like I said, I’ve felt pretty good about this decisions and thought that it was a healthy choice.  However, my assumption is incorrect.  For my mostly sedentary lifestyle, the drink does my body no good.  If I’m sweating profusely then yes, the drink is good to have as it replenishes a lot of the minerals and electrolytes that are lost when a body is sweating.  If you’re not, however, you don’t get anything from it except pumping more sodium and minerals into the body that aren’t needed. 

I mention sodium especially because I have high blood pressure.  I’ve tried to avoid salts for most of my life.  I use it very sparingly, if at all on my meals but that doesn’t do any good when the food I eat is already high in sodium.  Also, exercise would help but I’ve not the drive to do it, especially the cardio-type that I really should be doing.  I have no excuse for not exercising, I’m just lazy.

So, back on track, I’m bummed out because I need to find something else to drink that’s lower in sodium and calories.  Yeah, the obvious answer is drink more water but I just don’t like water without flavor.  I’ve not tried some of the flavored waters yet so perhaps those will work out for me.  I’ll just have to see about that.


~ by aeroslin on October 15, 2007.

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