From the time I moved into my own place in 1997, for the first time, I have loathed doing the laundry.  At first I was ok about it and would do it regularly but as time went on, my hatred of my dryer caused me to limit my laundry to only those things which are the most important, like underwear, socks, and work clothes.  My leisure-wear was left to be dirty unless I absolutely HAD to wash the stuff.

I won’t lie, I easily went months without properly doing my laundry.  I have so many friggin clothes that it was easy to do.

NOW!  With my brand spankin new dryer, doing my laundry is a friggin joy!  I go downstairs, wash the clothes, then put them in the dryer, then fold them.  It’s painless!

Prior to the new dryer I had this piece of shit 50 year old Maytag that would shut off after 15 minutes, every goddam 15 minutes.  It’s been that way since right after I bought it.  Usually after about 4 restarts it would run until the clothes were dry but I can’t tell you how many times I had to re-wash my clothes because they sat damp in the dryer for weeks.  Now I just pop those wet clothes in the dryer, hit the button and walk away, trusting that my clothes are going to be dry.

Ahhhh, it’s the simple things that make me happy.


~ by aeroslin on October 16, 2007.

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