Death of America

This is it people, it’s over.  The America that was built upon by the Constitution is dead.  There is no more Constitution to live by.  The tributes paid to our forefathers are empty and without meaning.

Why would I say such a thing?  Well I say it because when our Constitution was written it was done with the explicit understanding that if anyone ever tried to abuse the power that the constitution grants that the people of America would have the option and ability (2nd amendment) to, by force if needed, restore the government to it’s original model.  That was how we wrested the control from the English in the first place.  I have believed in my heart that this was the intent of the writers of the Constitution.  If the government cannot fear it’s people then the people have become slaves.  If there cannot exist in society the ability for others to gather and bitch and moan and try to do what they can in any manner they are allowed to have their voices heard about how much they disagree with the government then we are no longer living free.

I know, all that is just my personal point of view but when you read the following information you will possibly even shed a tear and your heart fill with despair.

HR1955 is an Act that was passed through the House with a 404 – 6 voting margin.  It’s purpose is to essentially destroy any possibility of EVER having an opposing view to it.  The bill is called:


With all the laws now-a-days being in the alley of “prevention” you can bet your ASS that the group that holds the rod will be breathing down everyones neck in order to know whether such a group could MAYBE be violent and then if a theat is then made (at the whim of the government) arrest them all.  Where’s the governments fear of the people now?  In the voting booth?  Are you fucking serious?

These types of laws only enforce apathy.  Apathy is the destroyer of EVERYONE.  If you’re not a part of the solution you just might be a part of the problem… you might want to rethink yourself.

ps. Yes, when I read this Act, I cried because America has died.


~ by aeroslin on October 30, 2007.

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