Imagine Privacy

I just watched this article where the French President Sarkozi was doing an interview on 60 minutes and when the talk became personal he simply got up and left the interview.

It made me think about something we all take for granted, privacy.  We have our MySpace pages and whatnot and we can control how much we decide to tell to others and even have the ability to set our privacy to only those people we wish to have access.  In France, and other countries, they have set guidelines on what a person should and should not ask another person.  Religion is the first one that I knew about and now that strong stance is enforced by the reaction of President Sarkozi when they wouldn’t cease in asking too personal of a question.  Yeah, he was probably over-reacting to a sensitive situation but I think he did represent his country’s desire for privacy very clearly.

I like it.  Perhaps it’s time that we all made some changes in our lives to more closely cherish those things that are private and personal.  I know I should certainly take this advice because I’m always spouting off about something I probably shouldn’t.

~ by aeroslin on October 30, 2007.

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