Not only did I kick my EQ habit but I am now officially not paying them a single penny of my money.  I was going to delete the characters but thought against it as they each had their own interesting histories.  My Sony-less-ness includes EQ1, EQ2, SWG, Planetside, and Vanguard.  I chucked my WoW account well over a year ago after a month of playing.  The only MMO I pay now are my two accounts at EveOnline.  My brother and I share one account and the other is my main guy.  I like Eve and what it stands for and I’m very willing to give up my money to CCP.

That’s all, short note.

Oh yeah, see the band I’m listening to?  Kicks ass!!  This latest from Bad Religion is very very awesome.

Something else is that I have run out of interesting games to play.   I bought Quake Wars but that game pretty much sucks fat dick.  I’ve beat Halflife 2, all 3 episodes, twice in the last month.  I’m dying for the last episode.  I played Team Fortress 2 which wasn’t too bad but wasn’t fast enough for me.  I managed to download the demo of Unreal Tournament 3 just to see what new hardware I was going to need for that game and was very pleasantly surprised that my 500 dollar video card is perfect for the job.  No new hardware needed.  The game runs like a raped aped on steroids and it looks fucking awesome.  That game should be out on November 19th and I’m happily awaiting the exodus that WILL occur when the Halo3 pussies leave their safe haven of dumbness for the wicked awesomeness of UT3.

~ by aeroslin on November 15, 2007.

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