New Monitor

I bought a new monitor this last weekend to replace my still functional but slowly dying 17 inch Viewsonic E771.  I bought the Viewsonic 10 years ago  for around 270 bucks.

The new monitor I can only hope lasts as long even though it’s an LCD which don’t generally have a long life expectancy.  Anyhow, the replacement is wickedly HUGE.  It’s 22 inches with a 2ms reponse time and very fine grained (0.25).  The color is very sharp as well.  I paid 330 bucks for it at CompUSA which I found was the best price for the features.  I’ve been playing Unreal Tournament 3 on it all day today and even previously playing Call of Duty 4 and haven’t experienced any problems with it.

Here’s the link to it:
LG Electronics FLATRON L226WTQ-BF 22-inch LCD Monitor and a picture

All I can say is this fucker is huge and makes me very happy.  LOL 


~ by aeroslin on November 20, 2007.

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