Unreal Tournament 3

[Edit: I checked the forums and found the fix for the cinematic problems.  I restarted the campaign today with a renewed vigor now that I have a clue what the story is about.]

I picked up my reserved copy of Unreal Tournament 3 today and though I had a glitch with it, it is playing beautifully and looks gorgeous!

The only glitch is the cut-scenes at the beginning of the campaign completely freeze up the game after running about 3 seconds, which really blows ass because there’s a whole storyline for the campaign which I’ve missed.  Oh well, I’ll figure out the problem tonight, probably.

The new Warfare mode which is essentially the replacement for the Onslaught mode is actually a combination of Onslaught, Assault, and Bombing Run modes from UT2k4.  On some maps it’s necessary to hold a certain point in order to activate a part of the landscape, such as a bridge, in order to utilize some of the vehicles on the maps.  That’s like the assault mode.  Then there’s the power ball that you can drag from it’s dispenser and use it to instantly change a node instead of having to pound away at it with your weapons.

Something new in the game are the hover boards which I got experience with while playing the demo.  Something I didn’t know about the hover boards is that they can be attached to vehicles and get towed around the map.  The example I saw made it look like water skiing.  It was really hilarious.

I can’t wait to start toying with the level editor (after I  beat the game) because the maps are phenomenally beautiful.  The whole game is detailed as hell, graphically.

If you’re thinking of purchasing it, stop thinking and just do it.  It’s awesome!

I was also pleasantly suprised with the hardware requirements.  I have a sweet video card nvidia 8800gts with 640 megs of ram but the rest of my system is a little dated.  Single core AMD 1.8 ghz, 2.5 gigs of ram.  The game runs awesome so far though I don’t think I’ve really got myself into extremely process intensive situations yet.  Either way, it is wicked fast at the moment, minus the cut-scene problems, I have no complaints at all and I have the graphics cranked up pretty good right now but I haven’t tweaked it yet.


~ by aeroslin on November 20, 2007.

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