25 Things Every Man Should Know

I read this article in the Popular Mechanics mag we had sitting here at work.  The article prefaced with the notion that many males that are grown up and aging, like myself, can’t do half the things that their dad’s are capable of.  With the prevalence of city life and electronics and computers, out-sourcing, contracting and all that, yes, I think that’s very true.

This article is a list of 25 things that all men should know how to do.  How many do you know?

1. Patch a Radiator Hose
Yes, I’ve had to do this before but it doesn’t last for long.

2. Protect Your Computer
Duh, computers are my field of expertise.

3. Rescue a Boater Who Has Capsized
I’ve never had to do this but I do know how to swim with an unconscious person.  I learned a lot of skills from the boy scouts.

4. Frame a Wall
Yes. Heh, I grew up around studs, headers, footers, and door jams.  I could probably build you a house.

5. Retouch Digital Photos
Yes. Digital art is one of my hobbies.  I’ve been toying around with this stuff for a long time.

6. Back Up a Trailer
Yes.  I hate doing it but I am quite capable.

7. Build a Campfire
Yes.  Again the boy scouts taught me a lot about camping and outdoors skills.

8. Fix a Dead Outlet
Yes.  I learned this in the first place I moved into.  I had to run a dedicated 30amp outlet from the circuit to my computer room to stop the constant overloads.  Worked perfectly the first try.

9. Navigate with a Map and Compass
Yes.  Again the boy scouts also taught me that without a compass and without navigation skills, a person will tend to walk in circles.  It’s best to keep your bearing and aim for a target in the distance and walk to it.

10. Use a Torque Wrench
Yes. I’ve never used one but have seen them being used and I’m pretty darned confident that I could.  Newton/meters or Pounds/Inch

11. Sharpen a Knife
Yes. I suck at sharpening knives, though.  I can never get the angle right and usually end up dulling them.  I’m sure if I tried hard enough I could do a good job.  I do know how to sharpen a lawn mower blade and an axe

12. Perform CPR
Yes.  Boy scouts taught me this as well as various other life-saving techniques.

13. Filet a Fish
Yes.  My dad never really showed me directly.  I learned by watching him.  He’s good.  I stink.

14. Maneuver a Car Out of a Skid
Yes.  Been driving since I was around 14.  Never oversteer.  Allow the car to move slowly into the direction you need it to go.  Sometimes it’s impossible to stop it.

15. Get a Car Unstuck
Yes.  Boards, Dirt, Logs, Rocks, whatever you can.  Then rock the car forwards and backwards until you’re out.  Try to avoid spinning out as that will only make the problem worse.

16. Back Up Data
Yes.  See number 2.

17. Paint a Room
Yes.  See number 4.

18. Mix Concrete
Yes.  Just had to do this a couple years ago when I installed my satellite dish into the ground.  Piece of cake.

19. Clean a Bolt Action Rifle
Yes.  Though I’ve not been around too many guns in my life, I have hunted and shot them and observed their cleaning.  I also recall doing this in the boy scouts.

20. Change Oil and Filter
Yes.  Been doing this since I was 16.  I am quite knowledgable about cars.

21. Hook Up an HDTV
Yes. Doesn’t just refer to HDTV’s either but any home theater appliance.  I had a nice 5.1 surround running in my last house.  Now I’m working on building a 7.1 for my computer room and another 5.1 for my TV. (Computer is more important)

22. Bleed Brakes
Yes.  Did this on my car last year when I replaced my brakes, rotors, and replaced the CV joint on the passenger side.

23. Paddle a Canoe
Yes.  This is funny.  I just taught my 8 and 10 year old nephews how to do it this summer.

24. Fix a Bike Flat
Yes.  I think my Grampa Strickfaden taught me  how to do this when I was like 8 years old.

25. Extend your Wireless Network
Yes.  When I get to building my first home I plan on including all the nice room to room wiring for the computers.


~ by aeroslin on November 21, 2007.

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