Nintendo Wii

It is with a deep sense of disappointment that I report that my mission to purchase a Wii has failed.  I set out at 4am this morning and ended up driving from Mason to St Johns hitting several Gamestops, Walmarts, and Meijers only to stand in line for over an hour and have the last Wii get sold 4 places ahead of me.

So thus thwarted, I set out to purchase one online and deal with the shipping costs and guess what…. no Wii’s to be purchased ANYWHERE on earth.  At this point I don’t want one anymore.  I’ve considered the idea that a small group of asian assholes are sitting around the board-room table laughing at all the stupid Americans filling with disappointment as they manipulate the console market.  The written word cannot truely emulate the feelings of passion I have when I say to the fuckstains at Nintendo to


~ by aeroslin on November 23, 2007.

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