Here is a topic that I have chewed over for many years, Birthdays.

What child doesn’t look forward to their birthday as a time to receive presents and have parties and eat cake with their friends and families?  I know I did as well as many others.  I know that the birthday isn’t celebrated across the world and indeed in some countries a birthday is the last thing someone thinks about.

As I’ve grown older and more contemplative about such things, I began to question the purpose of the birthday, or at least the celebratory and intention of the celebration.  There must certainly come a time in a persons life when they become thankful for actually being born.  That their parents decided to come together for that moment of passion (or not) and conceive a child.  The real miracle of this is when the mother makes the choice of keeping the child instead of aborting it.  I’m a firm believer in choice in this matter, even when it could be my own child.

With this being said, I believe that after a certain age the parents should cease celebrating birthdays for their children and instead the children should begin celebrating their birthday giving gifts TO their parents.  Or failing that, at least give them thanks for coming together and creating you.  I think that is the ethical thing to do.

~ by aeroslin on November 27, 2007.

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