Just Say No To Huckabee

Yeah, I’m hearing all this shit about huckabee now being the front runner on the republican side of the presidential race.  Well, I going to tell you right now that there is no fucking way in hell that I would ever support another stupid ass christian retarded mother fucking racist homophobe dickhead in that office again.

You better believe that this fucker will ruin our country.  You better believe that everything he says he’ll do and how he’ll fix this countries problems is by praying and being a good christian.  He won’t actually DO anything, much like the goddam retarded govenor of Georgia a couple weeks back decided that his best option to solve the dought problem is to hold a public prayer session on PUBLIC property and on PUBLIC time.  Yep, that’s just a small taste of how business will be run in this country. 

~ by aeroslin on December 3, 2007.

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