Some gals I work with

Ok, I started writing about this earlier today (yesterday for you day shifters).  The topic was inspired by my first close encounter with one of the really hot ladies that work in my plant.  Her name is Ashleigh.   She’s also the niece of one of the supervisors… eeek.  She’s younger than me by something close to 17 years which means a couple things, first she’s not that old and that I’m not too old.  Of all the people that I know at work, she’s the best looking by far.  Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other hot ladies around.  Gina is the next on the list followed by Dolores, then I’d have to say Jacintha(sp).  After that the ladies are nice looking but nothing that tugs at my heart-strings.

What makes this different is that I’d never had a reason to talk to Ashleigh before and oddly enough, she’s the one that instigated it while I was trying to fix a problem at their line.  Man, when I looked up at her I nearly lost my knees.  She’s so adorable.

Yes, I’m being a dork.

Oh well.

~ by aeroslin on December 4, 2007.

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