Three in One Blog

First note is that once again I was dicked out of a Wii.  My sister said she had a guaranteed hookup on one but we had to go to Brighton to get it.  Said it wasn’t public knowledge that there would be Wii’s available.  So we get there this morning at just before 5am and find that there’s already a line of people and that chairs had been setup in advance to represent how many Wii’s were available.  Anyone in a chair got a Wii.  We didn’t have a chair.  So we left, very heavy hearted, angry, frustrated, and depressed.

On our way back to Lansing I suggested that since this store had them, perhaps we could get one at the stores that were closer to Lansing but out in the country-side.  So on the way back we stopped at Mason and found once again, a line but this was a short line and we thought for certain we were getting one.  Nope, AGAIN we loose out by 3 places in the line.  Stupid fucking store had 17 of them said that we might be able to get more tomorrow morning or Tuesday morning if we get there at around 6.  So that’s my next task, try again for the next two days but I have zero hope in getting one.

Here’s what really pissed me off.  Here’s the prestory:
Couple weeks ago I bought a new trashcan.  Stainless steel with the foot lever.  Cost me 40 bucks.  When I get it home and unpack it, I find that the entire thing is very broken, dented, and barely functional as a container for anything.  I take the thing back to Meijers.  I walked up to the counter and the lady behind it says that they’re closed for another 30 minutes.  It was 5:30am.  I had bought the thing just 30 minutes previously.  So I stand there, angry, because she wouldn’t help me because they didn’t open until 6am.

Here’s where this gets me pissy:
In this store, the Wii’s are kept behind the counter in the photo department whose hours are 9am to 9pm.  This means (and I’ve tried it before) that if I wanted to buy any gaming system from this store, I would have to wait until 9am.  However, when my sister and I went into this particular store at 6:30am, they had already sold all the Wii’s.  So if I want to buy a PS2 or Xbox360, I have to wait until 9am but if I want a Wii… I think you see the point.

I’m definitely going to write a letter (despite it being a pointless thing to do) to the good people at the Meijer’s HQ and tell them what I think of their underhanded tactics.

———————Second blog————————-
I played through this game called God of War over the last couple weeks.  I really liked the game and how it played and the storyline – and that it has naked woman in it … woo woo! –  I just got to the end part tonight and, after not having a single problem with the game, just as the final scenes were playing out, just after I had beaten the ‘God of War’ and the end movie started, the cd began to skip and jitter and cough and sputter and finally just locked up just when Ares exploded.  I thought perhaps the disk was dirty to I removed it, cleaned it, then played through the ending… again.  Same fucking thing happens.  Movie freezes just as Ares explodes.  This pissed me off.  I finally had to go to Wikipedia to get the scoop on how the game ends.  Reading about it isn’t the same as seeing it, however.

I’ve been playing even a bit more lately and decided to take my mining barge out and mine some ore for some quick cash.  I died.  Stupid fucking ore thieves came in and grabbed my ore, then my drones attacked he had his friend come in and kill me.  I got pissed off and took my next ship out and tried to take the guy down and lost another fucking ship in the process.  This is the reason why I stopped playing this game and why I HATE PEOPLE.


~ by aeroslin on December 9, 2007.

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