Indicitive of the Things I Think About

Usually, in the past, my pursuit into science starts off as a question of one sort or another which leads me to study something to the best of my ability and then make a judgment on my original thought.

Today’s thought is solids.  I devised a word called supersolid and then looked up the definition of the word to see if it matched what I was thinking it meant.  It doesn’t exactly but does lead to some related concepts and new ideas of cutting edge science.  Supersolids by definition is related to the search for superconductor technology, that is, the search for a conductor that doesn’t disperse energy at all, ie, gives off no heat.  In a superconducting system, the entire system would run forever because without the disipation of energy into other undesired forms (like heat) a battery would run forever but it is evident that batteries die.

So anyhow, that’s what a supersolid is about from the standpoint that science uses it.  It’s not exactly what I had in mind when I devised the word.  My idea and it’s something that I’ve thought about considerably over the last few years is trying to envision the layout of a solid that is for all purposes, perfect.  If the sphere is the perfect shape, then what is the perfect shape of many spheres packed together as tightly as possible?  I’ve used the idea of a box full of BB’s and then observe what the general design is.

The design is interesting.  What can be told about these structures?  I’m not sure but I find it very probable that this is the structure that atoms take on when they are supercompressed like they are in black holes.  In the case of the atom, these spheres may very well act like blobs but this is only an intuitive guess.


~ by aeroslin on December 13, 2007.

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