The Wii

It’s a simple story as I knew it would turn out to be.

Woke my cohort up at 5:50am on Sunday morning, bundled up and headed out in the really crappy, snowy, cold, and windy weather.  We pulled into the Target parking lot at about 6:15am.  There was already a good amount of cars there.  As we got closer there was a line of people from the front door that went along the short side of the building and around the bend and ended at the Dots store.  This put us as numbers 37 and 38 and conveniently out of the constant blow of snow and wind.  As we settled in, the group that was in front of us in line started talking and we killed time by sharing our Wii stories and opinions, etc.  As we got closer, Corey’s feet got really cold to the point where he looked miserable.  The lady asked me if I thought it would be ok, if Corey wanted to, to sit inside her van since it was warm already.   She was nice enough to pull her van around and let Corey in to warm up his cold toes and blow his nose.  Then they came and passed around vouchers and all 60 or so people in line got their Wii vouchers.  Then we had to wait until 8am for the doors to open and at that point there was a quiet and subdued stampede straight to the Wii’s.  Then we spent the next 3 hours playing with it, then going to eat, then coming back and playing some more.  Shannon came over tonight and paid me for the one I bought for her and her family so now everyone is happy.

Well, I’m lukewarm.  Corey kicked my ass in most of the games we played.  It appears the motions of the controllers are more natural to him then to me.  I will get my rematch in the boxing ring.


~ by aeroslin on December 16, 2007.

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