I’m going to sound ungrateful here for a moment but it’s not without reason.

After I lost my 10 year old cat, Silvus, back in February, I told my family to NOT get me another animal because I first needed to get over the loss of the one and because I was looking into getting a purebreed cat.  My mother didn’t care about my wishes and got me another cat anyway.  It upset me greatly because it was a burden that I wasn’t ready for nor wanted.  Yet, what can I do?  Get rid of it?

So out of my sense of stubbornness and obligation I kept the cat.  It’s not a terrible cat, it just doesn’t have the personality that can cope with my lifestyle.  It was taken away from it’s family WAY too early, 8 weeks and was introduced to things that it simply shouldn’t have.  I’ve read on all the cattery sites that a kitten should remain with the parent for 12 – 16 weeks.  This gives it time to have it’s mother teach it certain basic skills and disipline.  Well the biggest problem I have with this cat is that it is fearless, which had it been with it’s parent long enough, she would have taught him that primary survival skill. But, he lacks this skill, which, if I did leave him outdoors, he would die quickly.

Another trait that has driven me to the point of violence is that he refuses to stay off my kitchen countertops AND out of the cupboards, AND out of the trashcan.  Discipline, though frightful, means nothing to this cat.  For weeks I tried the water bottle solution and though he hated it, meant absolutely nothing.  I’ve had to purchase a heavy duty, metal-lidded, trashcan for my kitchen that he can’t get into.  That is how I stopped him from doing that but he would still tip over the white trashcan which I moved into the computer room and drag the trash around the house.  I had a packet of cat treats that he pulled of my computer desk, then dragged it into my bedroom while I was sleeping and tore into it.

Ok, so, I started thinking really hard because I’m at my end with this goddamed cat.  Last night I most certainly DID THROW him out of my house when I happened to walk into the kitchen and see him half in the cupboard digging for the bag of food… NOT TO MENTION THAT I JUST FED HIM A FRESH CUP OF FOOD JUST AN HOUR PRIOR WHICH WAS STILL IN THE GODDAM BOWL.

Ok, I had to take a breather…  So, like I said, I started thinking that everything seems to be focused around the food.  He ACTS as if I don’t feed him enough even when there is food in the dish.  It didn’t occur to me that the problem could be the food he’s eating now.  So, I’m on a mission to find some food for the fucker that he’ll gorge himself on and keep the fuck out of the cupboards.  Otherwise the problem is that he’s just not satisfied with anything which most definitely could be a result of developmental problems.

I’m trying positive encouragement by showing my delight when he does something funny or something amusing or by simply playing on his own or with my other cat.  If I can’t break him of his poor habits then I will have to get rid of him because he’s causing me more stress than enjoyment.  Why can’t he be like my other cat, she might be a bitch but she knows better than to jump on the counters and beg for my food.

Ok, now that the bitch session is done, here’s the other reason why I posted this blog.  I’ve been looking for purebreed cats.  I’ve been studying the behaviors of the various ones and trying to combine them with a look that I really like.  I’m totally hooked on the Siamese varieties for their looks but their vocalization might not work so well for me.  That was a peeve of mine with Silvus.  On occasion he would sit downstairs and meow for no reason… though now that I think about it, all I would have to do is call his name and he would come running up the stairs with his tell-tale whimpers that reminded me of him saying, “here I come, here I come” and cuddle up under my arm… Yeah, I loved that cat very much.

Anyhow, here’s the ones I’m looking at, in list of desire



1 Colorpoint Shorthair
2 Javanese
3 Siamese
4 Oriental
5 Russian Blue
6 Balinese
7 Abyssinian
8 Ocicat

So those are the breeds.  Personality-wise, the Russian Blue is the most compatible with my lifestyle.  They’re loving and affectionate but not needy of my time.  Silvus was just like that.  I could call him and he would come and cuddle on my lap while I play my video games.  When I set him down, he would go about his own business or if he came to me and I said, “No” he would know that I didn’t want his attention at that moment and would go elsewhere.  That’s the type of relationship I need with a cat.  Even Tiki shows some of this same personality which I am so very thankful of.


~ by aeroslin on December 17, 2007.

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