Some Days

    Some days I wake up and I’m in a great mood.  The sun would be shining, the air feels good on my face and in my lungs.  All seems bright and well…

then I encounter stupid people and the whole day changes.  Like today!

So yeah, today is the day that people felt like throwing their cars at me.  I went out twice and was almost in an accident twice.  Stupid goddam sonofabitch cocksucking motherfucker decided to turn right out of a parking lot, skipped turning into the right lane and jumped instead into the left lane which I was currently in the process of occupying while turning left from the street which was across from where this prick was coming from.  It’s a good thing that there wasn’t anyone turning left into the parking lot because I would have had no choice but to hit the guy.  I blew my horn at the dick for about a mile down the road and gave serious consideration to following him all the way until he stopped and then clubbing him with a fucking crowbar.

The second time was, unamusingly enough, in the same goddam spot only this time I had already turned left and some fuckstain decided they were going to speed out of the parking lot to my left, across incoming traffic and nearly into me.  They stopped in the middle of the road facing incoming traffic which unfortunately was going slow enough to miss him.

So yeah, it doesn’t seem too odd that the term ‘Road Rage’ exists.  It is without a doubt the best place to meet fucking idiots that shouldn’t even have the right to drive.  This is where a lot of my irritation comes from during the day and it’s really sad because I only drive like 5-6 miles to work each day.  Yet it’s that short stretch that contains 90% of the stupid people that live on this earth.

~ by aeroslin on December 21, 2007.

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