Consumers Energy

Paying bills is never a fun thing.  Hell, my upbringing was surrounded by hearing my mother bitch and moan about this bill and that bill and how much she hated them.  So of course when it came time for me to start paying these bills I simply didn’t.  Duh, I think we all know how well that worked out for me.  No electricity, no water, no heat, all makes for a rough time.

Then there was Consumers Energy.  When I lived on Sheridan road with the middle of the house being for the most part opened to the outside, during the winter, for 2 years, this led to some very horrific gas / electric bills as I tried very diligently to heat the outdoors.  (Hey, I was doing my part to promote global warming)  We’re talking 200 – 300 dollars a month for gas and electric, often running up to 600-800 dollars because I had to beg/borrow/steal for the money to pay those. 

When I moved out of that shack and into a house with 4 good walls and a solid roof, my electric/gas bill dropped to a more manageable 80 – 100 dollars a month.  It was at this time that I decided to get into their autopay program.  I’ve loved that deal.  How can anyone not like never having to think about a bill? (yes, that last sentence was a little improper but I don’t care)

So for the last 4 years I have not concerned myself with paying Consumers Energy and I have quite enjoyed it.  But … and there’s always a huge phat butt in my stories … CE just messed with all my good bill paying by suddenly turning off that autopay service without notifying me.  To make things better, they not only stopped the autopay service by also deleted my online account.  How nice of them, eh?  To add an even deeper level of stupidity, they did it last month (November 07) because they certainly deducted my account at the end of October.

So anyways, I found all this out tonight when I got my mail and opened my CE bill and saw it was 160 bucks which is fuggin outrageous for one month, I thought.  Then I noticed the past due part – and I say that with a very prominent roll of my eyes – and started to inquire online … I recreated my account, re-signed up for the autopay service and then wrote the bastards a nasty letter exclaiming my unhappiness with their service – or rather their sudden discontinuation of service.  I feel better, they won’t care, the earth spins another day.  The end.


~ by aeroslin on December 23, 2007.

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