I’ve been at a loss for words lately but it’s not for any lack of issues to bring up.

First thought is about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto which I’m sure everyone has already heard about.  A number of things come to mind about this incident.

First, I think that all the woman of the world should be lamenting this loss.  A woman in power among so many chauventistic men was definitely a shining star in a very black sky.  The whole of the middle east is very much against woman in power.  The middle east is a misogenistic prison for all woman.   Woman have more freedom in a maximum security prison then you would if you were in Pakistan.  If there was any doubt as to who was responsible for the attacks on Bhutto being from the Taliban, then you need to wake up.  They wanted to kill her just on principle alone.  If Musharaf is responsible for anything, it would be in allowing her to get killed.

The second point which connects to the first is related to a commentary I read on my cell phone while waiting for my dinner tonight.  It was writen about Bhutto but it was critical of her.  It was very obvious that it was written by someone that is from the islamic faith.  This person drew a line saying that Bhutto didn’t try hard enough to break through the cultural barriers in Pakistan in order to dismantle its severe oppression of woman.  The line was drawn saying that it was the culture that was at fault, not religion.  Yet, in the middle east, culture and religion are one and the same, they very much feed off each other.  I’d dare say that the religion of islam was made specifically for the gradual oppression of woman in order to foster a culture of misogeny.  A culture where woman are nothing more than slaves.  The biggest problem is that if you are of islam and you are a woman, and you leave islam, you’re as good as dead… especially if you live in the middle east.  If you’d like some proof of this, read up on Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  She fled islam after being completely drawn into it and is now marked for death by anyone of the islamic faith.

I have to say that I’m on Sam Harris’ side about how to go about dismantling religion.  Islam must come first since it is the worse of all the religions.  No religion that finds right in killing and oppression should be tolerated on this planet.  We can get to judaism and christianity later, islam is the greatest threat.

Now, third point – religion and politics are playing a nasty game off of each other right now.  It’s causing a lot of people to think the wrong way.  With all the conspiracy theories out there about 9/11 and our government, cover ups, war for oil, etc, it is so easy to miss the benefits.  A while back I read an interesting paper by an ex-military General which broke things down to this:  the war we have in the middle east is vital to the survival of the world.  I have to agree on this in that the terrorist mentality is specifically religious in nature and it is this that we fight against.

Ok, I’m done rambling for the moment… stupid headache is wearing me out.


~ by aeroslin on December 30, 2007.

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