So so so

Been some time since I posted a blog.  Been busy doing things like playing video games like Crysis, Eve, and Shadowrun, or working on this goddam labelling system for work.

The labeling software is pretty spiffy actually.  My boss came to me about taking these special forms that were writen in xml and modify the code inside in order to migrate the data from one excel spreadsheed to another which could be updated from our SQL server.  I know that sounds like complete greek to … yeah, to anyone in their right mind.  So in essense he wants me to be cheap and recode the xml in the file so that it uses a different database.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the code itself wasn’t crap.  The guy that made the labels and the forms in the first place used all the fields from the spreadsheet, which totalled around 50, when only about 10 were needed.  To make things better, there were database links inside the code that didn’t do anything, they were duplicates.  At first the task was just annoying.  Making the changes was easy and the results were seen to have affect.  Then I started delving a little deeper into the variables and found the naming conventions used … making no sense at all.  So I started working with the actual software used to make the labels and the forms but come to find out that there were only 5 licenses purchased and all 5 were used but only 3 of them are actually being used.  Meaning, 2 of the licenses belonged to machines that no longer exist but hey, you think the software will work?  Nope.  They have an ‘activation’ code that you have to enter and when I try to enter it in, it says that the activation code has been used to it’s limit.  Great!  Nothing like being held by the nutsack by some stupid paranoid motherfucking software company trying to avoid piracy.  Funny thing is, I looked for a pirated copy of the software and guess what?  There isn’t one.  Why?  Because pirates don’t give a shit about software used to make labels.

*sigh* So I sent an email to this company’s support group with screenshots of our corporate wide software audit showing that only 3 computers actually have the software installed on their computers in order to release a license so I can use it unhindered.  Think they’ll do it?  Doubt it, but we’ll see.

That’s just one part of the frustration in this project, however.  The other is this label and form that I redesigned last night with all new code and good variable names and the label works great, the form works great.  You click on the data in the table and it diligently shows up on the label preview.  It’s great, it works … until I print it.  This label in particular is using 5 fields and in the preview all 5 fields show up formatted and containing the correct data.  But when I print the fucker, it shows only 2 fields and all the rest are blank.  I left work this morning at 5:30am, pissed and frustrated.  If it’s the demo runtime that’s causing the problems then my boss can bite me until I get the activation code.

Ahh, I feel better now.


~ by aeroslin on January 29, 2008.

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