Short thought here that keeps running through my head.

The entire symbiotic relationship of every living thing on earth, minus mankind, is such a delicate thing.  So delicate that if even one link in the chain is disrupted, the whole things gets out of whack.

My thinking is that in the whole history of the earth, that is all 4 billion years of it, humans are only a part of the last 160 thousand of them.  Until we came along, nature had a very long time of working out the kinks in the relationships between all things alive, minus humans.  Ok, well I think that at first the humans did have a place in that relationship and likely helped out quite a bit in furthering it’s growth.  Not now, however.  Humans have become the disrupted link in the chain and everything else is suffering as a result.

It makes me nauseated to think of the people that support PETA going after people who affect domesticated animals.  WTF does a dog have to do in the grand scheme of things in the biosphere?  Nothing.  It’s domesticated, it’s job is to make humans happy, that’s it.  Yet, all around the world we overfish the oceans to the point now where the mightiest of predators, the sharks, starve to death.  Is there any wonder now why shark attacks are on the rise?  I think in the grand scheme of things, I wouldn’t feel bad if a pack of sharks suddenly emptied a beach of all it’s swimmers, filling the water with their blood.  I’d call that payback.  It’s not just animals either, it’s the land, it’s how we’ve ignored the wisdom of the scientists that warned the business owners that pumping that black smoke into the air might not be a good idea.  The business owner, being mighty with his money, looks at the sooty smoke and sees money, that’s all.  Now here we are 100 years later and our ecosystem is going crazy and the business owners, in their almighty ignorance ask why? — ok, I’ve gone way off topic —

The point I was making was this, evolution is evident in the delicate web that exists among the non-human life around the world.  Humankinds adverse affects upon this symbiosis has had far reaching affects.  If the asteroids didn’t wipe out the planet, then the humans certainly will.

~ by aeroslin on January 30, 2008.

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