Though I don’t have cable tv or satellite tv, I do still have a couple of air based channels that I can pick up.  Over the last few months of watching the sparse programs that are out there, I’ve managed to catch some commercials about  (yes, it’s a GOV site, yes I registered, OMG, the thought police might get me now, or might know what I’m eating – omgwtfrudoing!)

I’m getting to a point where I see this bulge of pure fat gut hanging off of me and I know, day by day, that I really need to get rid of it and start on my path of getting healthy.

So, I went to this website when I got home and while I was sitting here eating on a bunch of veggies I got at the store, I started entering in all the data about the food I had eaten today.  The lookup isn’t complete but it’s pretty good.  Really easy to use as well.  Just type in a single word of a food you ate and it will give you a few choices so you can pick out exactly what it was.  For me, I ate Arby’s: 3 roast beef sandwiches, curly fries, and mozza sticks.  I went through and added everything I munched on today and when I was done, I found that I hadn’t done as bad as I thought.  Sure, I was low in some areas that are healthy and high in areas that are unhealthy but not everything was bad.  Of course, I think it may have helped that I was actually in the process of eating a bunch of carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, celery and some ranch dip so when I put that data in, it boosted my score considerably.

See, I like stats like that.  I like turning my life into sci-fi, or at least being able to get a quantified response on what I had done today.  Of course, I laughed when it came to the part where it asked about physical activity.  It had “sitting – desk work” in the list and since that’s pretty much what I always do, I had to put it in there.  Standing was another one, then walking.  When all was said and done, it produced another score for my physical activity which resulted in the obvious answer as, “Poor”

So, my eating isn’t so bad.  My continuously conscious acts of devouring veggies, grains, meats, and fruits when I can does have a positive affect.  It’s probably why my blood pressure was actually 140 / 90 instead of 140 / 100 when I had it checked last week.  It means to me that I’m actually, naturally, keeping my BP levels steady.  Yes, I know they’re elevated but they’re not going up.  I think that if I start getting active, my BP will drop to normal levels and do so without drugs.  This would make me pretty happy and is a part of the inspiration I’m working with in order to convince myself to “GET OFF MY ASS”

I actually went to the YMCA, which is less than a football field from my home, on Saturday to get an idea of how it’s laid out and what equipment they have.  My first step is running.  I need to start running…  well, my first step is getting a membership.  I just don’t care enough yet, but I’m getting close.  That’s pretty much how I quit smoking, cold turkey.  I worked myself into getting sick and blaming the cigarettes for it (which was true).  I created the irrational fear in my mind that if I smoked another cigarette, I would die.  Well, I don’t want to die so I stopped smoking and have not had a single puff of one since.  February 10, 2006.

Hmm, that date is coming up soon.  I wonder if I shouldn’t commemorate the day by getting a membership to the YMCA and then chilling out in the steam room for a while…. ahhhhhhh.


~ by aeroslin on January 30, 2008.

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