Yuck Alert!

Ok, I’ve made a few mistakes lately and all of them have cost me money.

First mistake: Buying the Windows Vista Ultimate edition.  The software is crap people.  Stick with Windows XP if you have it.  DX10 isn’t worth it.

Crysis: Last time I buy an EA game.  I knew I didn’t like these guys for a reason.  The game, unpatched, runs fine, it just doesn’t have very good performance.  Patched, the game crashes all the time.  Great fix.  Also, in order to play the multiplay, you have to sign up for a Gamespy id.  Now for some reason I’ve avoided Gamespy over the last 10 years and now I know why.  Lets see:  I managed to get the multiplay to work once.  The game caused a hard lock on my pc and I had to pull the plug on my computer.  Uninstalled the program and then reinstalled it again (because I’m a glutton for punishment).  I finished the single player edition and then wanted to try the multiplayer edition once more.  Yeah, username and password are incorrect.  I click the button to retrieve the password, type in my email address, get my id and password, key the shit in and … invalid username or password.  I change the password – invalid user name and password.  I change the username – invalid username or password.  Uninstall game – SUCCESS!

Shadowrun – OMGWTF was I thinking?  You have to pay to play multiplayer on a game that has the worse graphics I’ve ever seen.  And for some reason this game requires DX10, hence, Vista only.  Umm, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!  It’s cheap for a reason.

So, Call of Duty 4 and Unreal 3 are really the only FPS’s worth playing right now.

I was surprised with Crysis.  I finally got frustrated with the poor performance and so I reduced the graphics to all low settings.  The game played great and, umm, looked pretty fucking good.  I wish I had played it on these setting sooner.  To late now though, the game is off my hd.

~ by aeroslin on January 31, 2008.

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