I Decree

From here on forth I decree that on February 14th of every year, across the globe, that this day be celebrated among those you love, baring that, to show random acts of kindness to whomever you please, at your own choosing.  From this day forth, this day will be known as Valentine’s Day, taken from MY last name, not Hallmarks.  Never again shall the word SAINT be prefixed to this day because I am not in any way religious and this is MY day.

What did I do to commemorate this day?  I spent a short time with my nephews before I performed a huge favor for my sister and took them all to school while she drove to Detroit for a meeting.  I didn’t have to do it but I was glad to do it.  And the day’s just getting started…

One more thing:  This day isn’t at all about spending money or buying jewelry or roses or any other rediculously materialistic and shallow-minded act, it’s about expression of love or kindness in any way.  Even if it is to smile uncharacteristically at someone you don’t even know.  If you truley are in love, then every day is Valentine’s Day and full of everything you need.  Take this day to express your caring and kindness to those who rarely see it.  That’s what gives the day it’s meaning.

I’m not THE Valentine, I am A Valentine.  One among many and among many that support this decree.

Forever Godless and Sincerely,


~ by aeroslin on February 14, 2008.

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