Adventures in Digital TV

For the last 2 years I’ve watched very little television.  I had a satellite dish but a tree grew up in front of it which demolished my reception.  Well, then there was the girlfriend I had online which pretty much voided any opportunities for me to spend time away from the computer, so my satellite service was dropped.

Well, now I’m minus a girlfriend and a satellite dish since I moved.  My tv is analog based because I can’t bring myself to justify the purchase of an HD flatscreen, especially now that my computer monitor is 22 inches of goodness.  I had been watching tv via the analog manner, which was always trustworthy but have found that all that analog goodness is about to go away for good.  Digital reception is the answer, thanks to the FCC.

As I had been watching through the analog reception, 2 of my stations suddenly poofed from existence.  I put two and two together and realized that they had been converted to full digital broadcast.  I got desperate for more than 2 channels and started to do some research about the digital broadcasting in my area. 

It turns out I had been missing out on several stations that were available.  What I wanted was PBS since they really had the programming that was around what I enjoyed.

I went shopping and doing more research on my options and finally found a DAC box at Walmart and a pretty good antenna from Meijer.  After wrestling around with the antenna (just like in the old days with the rabbit ears) I have 8 channels that are crystal clear, 4 of them are PBS.  PBS – World is by far the best channel.  It’s all about science and learning and worldviews and stuff that actually matters to me.  I know there’s more out there but after the wrestling match I had with my antenna, I’m not touching it again.  If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

So to summarize my master plan, I’m not a slave to Comcast, Dishnet, or DirecTV.  I get what I want for free.  Whee!


~ by aeroslin on February 15, 2008.

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