George Carlin

When I was 14, on Wednesdays my Dad would come over and pick up myself and my two sisters and take us to his house to spend time with us.  During one of these times, while I was laying on my cot in his living room I snuck into his record collection and put on a record, George Carlin, Live at Carnegie Hall.  I was too young to really understand some of the commentary but old enough to understand that the man was speaking his mind as he saw fit to do.  I paid some attention to his past and his current life and trouble with the language police, his court battles, etc and remained a quiet fan. 

Over the years I’ve not really thought much about him until I saw him in Dogma when I actually could start understanding what he was all about.  Now there’s video clips of him all over the internet and the stuff I’ve seen just hits so hard at what I think.  I really wanted to see him around my birthday but would have had to fly to Pennsylvania to see him so I let that thought go to the wayside.  Then I was bored at work this last week and ran into one of his videos and so I thought to check his touring locations to see where he’d be.  With only a few clicks of the mouse I found out that he’s going to be performing 15 miles away from me at the Wharton Center at the end of March.  Yeah buddy, I bought tickets for that show.  I bought two but I’m not sure who the lucky person is going to be that goes with me.


~ by aeroslin on February 17, 2008.

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