Genetic Evolution

Found this article and thought it was very interesting.

Out of Africa: Human odyssey is traced through DNA

Basically says that as humanity travelled further away from Africa over the course of the millenia, our DNA has become less and less varied and more and more full of harmful mutations.  Also interesting is the picture painted, perhaps without meaning to, the path of humanity chasing the morning sun.  It appears that the main strain of primitive humanity went from Africa, to the Middle East, to Asia, then north through Alaska and down again, always chasing the morning sunshine.  Perhaps they quested to find the place where the sun is born instead of the place where the sun dies.  Which perhaps gave rise to the idea that the world is flat – but only to those who wished to travel the oceans to the west, where the sun dies.  Being the superstitious creatures that we are, I think this is total feasible.

~ by aeroslin on February 21, 2008.

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