I read the Sunday paper this week and was immediately called to reflect upon an injustice.  Let me explain:

Here in Lansing right now, one of the big news stories (which should be national news) is the wrongful prosecution and conviction of a man for rape and murder.  The lady was a professor at the local college and was found near death on campas.  There was a man found nearby, actually he was more than nearby, he was near the teacher and had her blood on his hands.  His story was that he had come into the building and found her like this and was trying to help.  This was in fact the absolute truth.

The story on the front page of the paper was about how this guy, after having been completely through the entire process of judge, jury, and executioner, only to have the entire case dropped, is now pressing charges.  The story was about the plight of this man and the story behind the man that put him through it all, the prosecutor.

I have to believe that the story put the slant it did on the prosecutor, expecting to get a rally of support for the victim.  The slant that I got was that the prosecutor thinks that his position is a game.  That to him, justice is a competition.  Instead of being an objective representative, this man plays hardball at the get-go and forget about what justice is all about.  It’s a disease that I see often.

The disease is the willingfulness to bend the truth in order to facilitate the answer you want, not the answer that is true.  We see this in the battle with ‘Global Warming’ vs ‘Global Climate Change’.  The prosecutor wants his conviction and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means not looking at all the evidence.  From the prosecutors standpoint, the person is guilty and it’s a matter of finding the pieces that may or may not indict the person.  In this case, numerous security cameras around the college campas were active during the time of the murder.  On one of those tapes was recorded the exact person convicted and sentenced of the murder and rape at the exact moment it was happening on the other side of the campas.  He didn’t do it.  The evidence very clearly showed this.  The prosecutor, because of his willingness to be competitive, ignored truth and justice in order to get his conviction.  It is absolute negligence on the part of the prosecutor; and that’s just on the basis of the evidence existing.

What is criminal is that the evidence appeared and was documented by the State Police 8 months after the incident, which was, if I recall, about 12 months before the trial and conviction.  What the hell happened here?  Furthermore, there is a case where the State Police representative TOLD the prosecutor that the guy was innocent and had proof on tape.  Yet, the prosecutor ignored this small fact?  Because, as the newspaper said, ‘he’s very competitive in what he does.’

What in the hell does competition have to do with justice?

In the least, the prosecutor needs to be disbarred from practicing law again.  Period.  Justice is no place for competition, it’s not a game, it’s messing with people’s lives for the sake of putting just another notch in your belt.  I shudder to ever be put in that position.

It’s a lesson for everyone:  You can NEVER judge a situation by what your eyes behold.  The man standing there with the victims blood on his hands, in panic, suddenly finds himself the victim of wrongful judgment based on assumption of the truth.  When it comes to justice, nobody can ever assume anything.

—-attached cd contains a song called, “Injustice System” which is completely appropriate here—-


~ by aeroslin on February 26, 2008.

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