I have been cooking lately.  I’m not talking about eating a fast dinner at home like hotdogs or sandwiches.  I’m talking about baking and frying.

Here’s what I’ve cooked lately and what I rank it on the 1-5 yum scale.

Stuffed Peppers – 2.9
Hey, I have to be honest.  The ingredients I used were just not kicking out the flavor I expected.  Learned that you can’t use spagetti sauce to shortcut the tomatoes.  You need the stewed / diced tomatoes.  Also, I don’t like green peppers very much but I LOVE red peppers.  Unfortunately when I had the ambition to make the plate, greens were the only choice as all the reds were taken (could have and should have bought orange / yellow ones instead).  I stuffed 4 huge peppers with beef, onions, brown rice, spagetti sauce and the diced up pepper pieces I had left from ’beheading’ the peppers.  I hate 3 of the peppers and tossed the last one.

Shake n Bake Potatoes – 3.8
A guy at work said he did this.  Cut up a potatoe in slices and then did the shake-n-bake on them and cooked em up.  I tried it using garlic n herb flavored shake-n-bake.  Popped in the oven at 425 degrees for about 45 minutes, then sprinkled it with cheddar cheese.  Had a small portion of katchup left but it was already pretty flavorful.  Not bad at all (ranch would have been a better addon)

Deepfried and Battered Potatoes slices – 4.0
They were a little darker then they should have been but that’s because this was my first time deep-frying in 16 years.  The batter was a rushed mix but wasn’t too bad at all.  Probably too much salt in the mix.  They tasted really good with katchup.

Scratch Corn Bread – 4.3
I love corn bread and I bought some corn meal (not the premade box / just add water crap) and flour, baking powder and skim milk.  I followed the recipe on the cornmeal container.  Added some buttery goodness to a fresh out of the oven slice … yum!

Not sure what’s next on my list.

Here’s a picture of my kitchen.  I’ve been working on building it up with useful things like a microwave, teapot, bread box, deep fryer, and toaster.  Of course there’s more to it then that but the theme, if you can’t tell, is all stainless steel.  I have a vision! 

By the way, the date on the picture, 1/1/04 is quite obviously incorrect.  Guess the internal battery on my camera is dead.  Oh well.

~ by aeroslin on March 14, 2008.

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