Working Out

Well, after months of mental masterbation I finally convinced myself to get a membership at the YMCA.  The purpose being to put a stop to my slide down to an unhealthy and short life.

I was going to start off by going swimming but then I realized that my stupid ass left my towel at home so I decided to get down to real business and do some walking/running.

I decided that I needed to break a sweat, at least but at the same time I want to take it slow and easy so as to prevent my old-assed limbs from getting injured.  I ended up walking for 30 minutes on the treadmill at an average speed of 3.5 mph.  I did speed up to 4.5 which was beyond the threshold of a fast walk to running.  I only ran for about 3 minutes at which point my limbs and the machine felt like they were very unhappy with me.  I slowed it back down to about 3.8 for the rest of the session.  I adjusted the incline a little bit as well but I didn’t notice any change.  After doing my 30 minute walk and I stepped off the treadmill, I experienced the surreal sensation that one feels after using a treadmill.  It felt as if the world started moving and I was sitting still.  Very dizzying.

I walked off the treadmill nausea and drank my gatorade.  I was sweating pretty good.  I went back into the locker and did some leg stretches on the bench to loosen up my legs a bit more.  Then I went back up to the treadmills and did another round at 3.8mph for 15 minutes.  This was easy.

After that I decided to check out the other machines that work the other parts of the body.  I was happy to see that each machine displayed the muscle groups that it affected.  I found one that did triceps and the stomach, called a Pull over.  I did a rep of 10, stopped, 10, stop, and then 10 and then stopped completely.  Holy shit that hurt!  I could hardly hold up my arms as they felt like rubberbands.

After that pain went away I tried out an upright bench press.  I followed the same pattern as before of 10, 10, and 10 then stopped.  I walked around a bit more and managed to find the pool.

I decided to take a swim anyway, despite not having a towel.  I brought enough clothing to use to dry myself off.  I did 2 laps of breast strokes and then stretched, then did 2 more, then got out of the pool.  My arms and legs were both burning.  After that I went into the sauna and baked myself.  Oh man, that felt really good.

So that was it.  I packed up and came home, changed my clothes then left for some dinner.  My arms, chest, ankles, and calves are sore and I hope to get out again and do the same thing over in a couple days.

I have no regimen, yet but the more I’m there and get aquainted with the equipment, I hope I can get a set of things to work on.

I’m going to loose at least 15 pounds before Summer Solstice.

Today is the Spring Equinox.


~ by aeroslin on March 21, 2008.

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