Working Out – Part 2

Holyshit Batman!

I worked out for the 2nd time on Saturday evening.

I pretty much kept to the same routine I did before with a couple of minor differences.

First off, I brough a towel this time.  This made me feel more comfortable.  Another thing is that I walked to the gym instead of driving … dur, this is a no-brainer since the gym is about 50 yards from my home.  I also too 400 mg of ibuprofin before I started because my frickin shoulders HURT LIKE HELL!

This time, I actually ran and managed to keep track of my heart-rate.  Had it up around 140 on average.  I used the treadmill less this time then the first time, however, I ran a hell of a lot longer.  I’m feeling better about the treadmills now so running was a lot easier.  I ran for a total of about 12 minutes, a nice 5 mph jog.  My lungs were burning good.  I walked for the rest of the 18 minutes.  I hit the pullover machine again despite the pain in my arms.  I found that once I got moving, the pain stopped.  I did the bench press again but this was a little harder and hurt a bit more.  Oh, I also removed a notch from the weights, trying one step lighter and doing more of them.

Now, my shoulders HURT even more but only because their so tensed up.  I’m thinking that I might take up Tai Chi again because the stretching routine is really good.

I jampacked my mp3 player with sick of it all, agnostic front, judge, nofx, and bad religion.  Oddly enough, when the punk rock started playing, I lost my inspiration, at least the NOFX stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great punk rock but it’s just not RAWR like Sick of It All or Judge.  NYHC FTW!


~ by aeroslin on March 23, 2008.

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