Workout – Part 3

Yep, third day of my big lifestyle change.

Here’s the dealy:  I work 2nd shift, which is essentially a 12 hour block from 5:30 pm to 5:30 am.  (wicked-awesome hours = wicked awesome money)  The YMCA opens at 5:30am so, generally, when I get out of work, it is feasible for me to head straight to the gym.  The first two workouts were done on days off, going in at times that were leisurely.  Today was the first day of trying this all out after work.

The place was very busy, even at 5:30 in the morning but I still managed to get on the treadmill.  I ran for a total of about 6 minutes and walked for the rest of the 19 minutes.  I did the pullovers and some curls, then the bench press.  I walked around and stretched out my arms and legs a bit more.  Then I found the machine that I had been dreading to find but know for certain I need. 

It’s the “sit-up” machine.  Thankfully I don’t actually have to do sit-ups, it’s weight based.  Whoa nelly!  That shit hurt.  A couple weeks ago I strained myself and had to run up to the E-room to make sure I was alright.  Well, I definitely felt those muscles a straining again and stopped right there.  I need to take it very very easy on this machine due to the possibility that I have a hernia just waiting to bust.  Sad thing is that all this goddam fat on my gut is part of why this part of my body is so sensitive.  I’m 30 pounds overweight and all 30 of it is on my stomach.

After doing the ’sit-ups’ I went to the pool and took a brief swim, then sat in the hot-tub, then showered off the chlorine, then hopped into the sauna.

I think I’m going to start taking pictures of my body to keep track of the changes as they happen.  This will also give me more incentive to keep going.

Lastly, I think I might start hitting the gym every day.  My arms that have been really sore since I started but this morning when I woke up, they weren’t sore at all.  I had been stretching all day Sunday in order to relieve the tenseness, and apparently that worked.  I’m going to see how I feel after this week and if I can keep the soreness down to a dull throb, I think I can push it a bit harder.  We’ll see.


~ by aeroslin on March 25, 2008.

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