I’ve been traversing the site called Digg.com for the last couple weeks.  If you’re not aware of what this site is about, it’s a place where people post links to news articles and people that have registered on the site can either digg or bury the article based on their opinions of it.

I had an account that I setup there over a year ago when I started following Ron Paul but had largely forgotten about it until recently.

One of my daily stops on the web is the APOD site, or Astronomy Picture of the Day, that is hosted by NASA.  I’m not sure when it started but the site now offers a link to Digg the article of the day.  Being a fan of the site for a very long time, I thought it would be interesting to see how some of the fans of the site interact with one another.  To that end, I started posting comments to the Digg articles that are posted every day and I’ve got a pretty good response from people.  Some of my comments have received upwards to 70+ positive comments.  I should be overjoyed at receiving the positive attention from other fans but what really gets me are the retards that also like to do nothing more than post retarded shit that makes no sense to the article or who only wish to make fun of what is being written.

I had one guy post a link to the definition of the word ’plethora’ which was a word I used to describe the overabundance of tools that scientists have at their disposal.  Apparently the guy had never heard the word before and wanted to shove that fact in my face, which only served to show how stupid he was to have to look it up and attempt to scold me in my use of it.  Yeah, made no sense to me either.  Oh well, the community buried the comment in support of me as well as added a few smart-assed retorts of their own.

The other infuriation was from a guy who attacked me on a comment that I prefaced with the word: Imagine.  The data that I used was pulled from a science channel video I saw where a professor named Jeff Rosenthal calculated the odds that a planet harboring intelligent life like the earth existed inside our own galaxy.  He calculated a 99.95% possibility that such a place did exist.  Of course, after making such a statement, several people attempted to call me out on making up information.  One person said I pulled it out of my ass.  Haha, colorful.  So when I replied to that comment with where the information came from, another smart-ass responded that calculating such odds is impossible since our sample is exactly 1, that being, the earth.  Now, forget all the math for a moment and recall that at the beginning, I said, “Imagine”.  Anyhow, the point that I made in my comment was that there was a 99.95% chance that some kid is sitting at his computer in another galaxy, looking at our own galaxy wondering about what life is like here.  A simple exercise in imagining a completely different perspective on our place in the universe.

It illustrates a sore point for me.  We ’earthlings’ are completely and totally loyal to this planet.  So much so that it seems to me, that imagining anything outside of it, goes against some ingrained belief.  We need to stop thinking that we are the most important place in the entire universe because we’re not.

Oh, and one more thing, I love the positive attention I have received at the Digg site but the retards that like to post stupid shit, only increase my belief that there is a significant population still around that are more useful as fertilizer.

I’ve gone against my callous nature on Digg and refrained from saying what I’d like to say, and to keep off of topics that don’t warrant my response.  It’s difficult but it’s a gift to the majority of others that have given me the positive comments.


~ by aeroslin on March 26, 2008.

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