Global “Warming”

Yeah, not happening here in Michigan where it’s way below normal, again.

I have a nice stiff middle finger for the fools that tout global warming.  Where was global warming in the first week of JULY when I had FROST on my windows at the campground I was staying at?  Eh?  No answer?  Ok, I have an answer for you…


Instead of tossing all the various evidences into one bucket and call it warming, much like the Intelligent Design idiots love to make ’god’ the answer to the questions that science hasn’t answered yet, why not listen to a bit of reason and concede that CHANGE is happening and it’s not all warming.

It’s getting wetter in some areas, drier in others.  It’s getting warmer in some areas and colder in others.  There is change occuring and to think that our egotistal selves are the sole cause of this change is, yeah, massively egotistical.

~ by aeroslin on March 26, 2008.

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