Sweet Article…

New Organic Molecule in Space

Reading this article made me think of something interesting .. at least I think so.

You know that when you pour liquids of different densities into a glass, they will separate into their own layers.

Keeping that in mind, when a new star forms and begins it’s rotation, and increase in mass, it is proposed that all the debris surrounding that star will slowly begin to coalesce into things like planets, comets, asteroids and whatever else that happens in this time.  I wonder, then, if the same concept of density doesn’t happen to the various gasses and other debris that surround a newly born star.  Do the various gasses gather in greater quanitities at various distances from the star?  If you look at the rings of Saturn, you see that it has many different layers to it, is this the smoking gun of this idea?

I think it’s an interesting idea that deserves some research.


~ by aeroslin on March 27, 2008.

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