Workout – Part 4

Yahoo!  I’m an Atheist working out at the YMCA!  In case you didn’t know this, YMCA stands for Young Men’s Christian Association.

Hmm, lots to talk about this time.  First off, I hate my mp3 player.  It would only play the songs in alphabetical order, to hell with playlists and track numbers.  I smashed the piece of shit and bought an 80 gig Zune instead.  The Zune was able to handle the workout this time so I think it should be ok … for a hard drive based system.  I put only the tunes I wanted on it at first and sure enough, that baby played the albums, by track.  I had the perfect inspiration.  The headphones that came with it are really friggin good.  I mean, you can’t hear SHIT but the songs on the Zune with them.  Was too much for me.  I used my shitty other earbuds.

Zune in hand, duffle bag packed, I headed out.

I started with walking first for the majority, but I tried to keep it brisk.  My ankles and knees really get to burning quite a lot when I first start off.  It’s hard to keep going but I have.  I ran for about 2 minutes then went back to walking briskly.  In all, that lasted 15 minutes.  I was sweating decently by then.

Then I hit the pull over machine and did 4 reps, each with a notch heavier.  I started at 5, then 6, then 7, then I did 5 reps with 8 bars.  I felt pretty happy with that HUGE improvement.  I did the same with the bench press.  I started with 5, then 6 bars at 10 reps, then I did 7 at 5 reps and 8 at 3 reps.  Then I went to the situp machine.  Damn I hate situps.  I did 3 reps of 10 at 80 pounds.  Thankfully my ’strain’ in my lower groin area didn’t flare up like last time.  Then I did a shoulder press.  I think it was 65 pounds and I did 2 reps of 10 since this was the first time working this part of my body.  I probably should have done more though.  Then I hit the leg press and did 1 rep of 10 at 360 pounds.  That was pretty easy.  After that I did this hip machine where you have to part your legs.  I did several of these at 125 pounds which was really easy but again, my groin area is still tender so I’m taking it easy.  I finally did what is called ’preacher curls’ on a machine.  I did 10 at 65 pounds and 5 at 80 pounds.  Fuck, those hurt.  That was the first time working my biceps.  Sorry, in the middle of hitting the machines, I jumped back to the treadmill and ran for about 3 minutes and walked for 5.  Had my pulse up to 160 and I felt pretty good in my legs by this time.  After the curls I went to this torso twister and did like 30 of those in each direction at 6 bars.  Lastly, I did another 5 reps of 7 bars on the bench press.

Just towards the end, a fine lady came in and hit the stair machine, right in front of where I was sitting at the bench press.  Wheeee!  She was the best built and best looking woman I’ve seen yet.

So I finished up and then went the pool and took a dip, then hit the whirlpool, then showered off the chlorine, then sat in the sauna.

Here’s another thing that happened.  I ran into one of my old teachers from high school, Andy Stevenson, working out at the same time.  I approached him and told him who I was, he had been retired for 11 years but I’m certain he didn’t remember me.  Either way, we shook hands, chatted for a second then went back to working out.

Then, while I was in the sauna, a guy came in and I was reading the paper, him and I started talking in there about politics and whatnot.  Man, it’s sad to say but it’s only in my interactions with other people do I get the whole christian crap shoved into my face.  I’m smart enough and tactful enough to keep my mouth shut, despite the rediculous comments that are made…

Man, I really need that atheist tattoo on my left arm to compliment the cruicifux on my right arm.

I took a picture this time but what I looked at it, I thought for sure my monitor was going to crack so I’ll do you all a favor and not post it.

By the way, who the fuck is actually reading these things?  Post a comment if you’re daring…


~ by aeroslin on March 27, 2008.

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