Bike Hunting

So I have been looking around at getting a motorcycle this spring.  I thought I knew what I liked and when I went to the bike shop today, I had this idea of how it was going to be.  The lady that was helping me out showed me the Eliminator.  I sat down on it and it felt pretty good but the handle-bars were not very comfortably placed.  I explained that I was looking for an entry level bike and she then showed me the Honda Rebel with a 250cc motor.  I sat down on this bike and it felt like a perfectly fitting glove.  My ass plopped down on it, the handlebars were low and felt natural to my arms.  I’m going to have to test the two out again but I think I’m going to get the Honda.  I mean, hey, the fucker is Black, not Grey and it says, “Rebel” on the side, what’s not to like about that?


~ by aeroslin on March 29, 2008.

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