George Carlin

After nearly two months of waiting, I went out tonight and saw George Carlin, in person, at the Wharton Center.  I thought I was going to take someone with me and even bought the ticket for that extra person but instead I bought a seat for me and my coat, which was fine with me.  I was at least certain the the people I was surrounded with, by the end of the show, were on the same page as I was when it comes to our outlooks in life.  The best way I could describe it was being surrounded by about 1000 fellow Atheists all gathered in one room to appreciate one of the most outspoke Atheists of my time and my fathers time.

It was a wonderful experience to say the least.  I laughed my ass off and totally agreed with what he had to say about politics, rights, god, children, and the future.

I actually managed to record snips of the show on my cell phone.  Sounds like shit for the most part but it’s mostly understandable.  I wanted proof since I left my damn camera at home.  I bought a t-shirt and poster.  The t-shirt, on the back says, “Simon says… Go Fuck Yourself”  on the front it says George Carlin with a grouchy looking caricature of Carlin.  That old fuck is my hero.


~ by aeroslin on March 31, 2008.

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