Politics and Parties

I object and I am completely offended by the intrenchment that exists between the Republican and Democratic parties in America.  As if there was only two sides in politics, as if all problems were cut-and-dry to the point where the problems were either one way or another.  It’s stupid and I am offended.

I consider myself an Independent.  I share many conservative view points alongside many liberal ones.

I’m sitting here listening to the pundits of Michigan, including Gov Blanchard, talk out of their asses about, ’our broken election system’ when it’s been broken since the year 2000 when that lieing fag raped Gore.  What the fuck have these legislatures been doing about this problem since then?  Goddam nothing, that’s what.  Now, the democratic party in Michigan decided to hold it’s primary early but the DNC said that wasn’t right so it banned them from holding them.  Ok, but here’s what really grinds the fuck out of me:  The Independents, when they try to challenge the process, get laughed at and ostrascised for pointing out the inadequacies of the process.  If Howard Dean sneezes, the DNC gets free press about it.  Independents that slave to make a positive difference in the world have to break their bank accounts in order to get a single brief mention about it.  This stupid fucking polarization is wrong for not just America, but wrong for humanity.

I’ve made my choice now.  On voting day, I’m voting Independent across the board.  Fuck the two-party system, it’s dead to me.

I actually never voted blindly two-party.  I’ve always favored the Indies and have voted on a per position basis.


~ by aeroslin on March 31, 2008.

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