Working Out – Part Whatever

Ok, so last time my knees really started to bother me.  I worked out again and tried to take it a little easier but it didn’t really help much and I felt like I got a crappy workout.

Today, I said fuck it.  I took 150mg of ibuprofin about 30 minutes before I left and then walked to the gym.  My knees hurt at the start, quite sore as were my ankles and shin muscles but I kept on.  I stopped after about 10 minutes to give my legs a chance to stretch and relax.

At this point I walked around and hit a couple of machines.  The pull over machine, I’m doing 3 reps of 8 now at, what I call, level 8.  I did 3 at level 10.  Yeah, this blows the SHIT out of my original start at barely doing a level 4, 10 times.  My inspiration on this machine was the old lady that sat at the machine after me on the first day and quietly kicked out 10 reps at level 6.

After that I hit the shoulder lift.  I started off at 65 but said fuck it and put it at 95 and managed to barely squeek out 2 reps of 8.  I felt the burn.  I then stretched out my arms, shook them around like a chicken (just kidding), then grabbed some free weights and did some curls.

After this, I went back to the treadmill.  … By the way, I have no idea how to turn on the bikes.  I felt so dumb because I sat down on it, and started hitting the pad but nothing turned on.  No switches or anything … of course the one thing I DID NOT do is actually pedal the thing, which is, I think, how you turn the fucker on.  Anyhow … This time at the treadmill I started out at a run.  No walking, just a good 5mph jog for 1 lap on the screen.  Then I walked for a lap, then ran again for the 3rd lap and walked for the last.  I got my mile down to 14 minutes and my knee was a dull pain, easy to ignore.  (I hope my knee isn’t crying tomorrow)

After that run, I was feeling really charged.  I went back to the shoulder machine and hit that one more rep of 8, then hit bench presses for 1 set of 8 at 95lbs.  (yeah, that’s weak but so are those muscles.  I know I ripped them better then I have yet)  Then I did the pull down machine and set that first at 125lbs and did 8 reps.  Then I set it to 140 and did 8 reps which really burned.  Last, I did 6 more reps back at 125lbs.  My arms felt like noodles.  I stretched them out, wiggled them around, etc.  Then I sat back at a different bench press and did 2 reps of 8 at level 8.  Level 8 would have been inconceivable 2 weeks ago.

By this time I was sweating up a storm, killed my gatorade and refilled with water then went down to swim.

Swimming is, well, swimming.  I couldn’t get a lane to swim in so I just swam where I could for about 30 minutes, relaxing, stretching, moving, swimming.  Then the whirlpool to talk to one of the guys that I’ve befriended, then the sauna, then home.

One thing I have noted today that helped charge me up is my arms, shoulders and chest.  They’re starting to take shape, especially my arms and shoulders.  Damn, they’re rocks.  That’s where I’m gaining the weight at.

Oh well, it’s a good gain.

I still need to work on the food bit.  I just can’t stop eating poorly and some, even healthy foods, upset my reflux.


~ by aeroslin on April 9, 2008.

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