Earliest Memories

My earliest memory, that I can remember, are really quick flashes of events that occurred.   I saw Star Wars when it came out.  I saw Superman when it came out.  I remember going to Maple Hill which closed down after my 1st grade.  I remember seeing a solar eclipse at Maple Hill.  I remember breaking my arm at Maple Hill and running across the playground with my hand and part of my wrist contorted about 2 inches above the rest of my arm, kind of like a step.  When I got the cast put on me, yeah, I got chickenpox to.  Not really that fun, actually.  I remember my first crush, Jennifer Cologne who was pulled out of school between Kindergarten and 1st Grade which crushed me.  She was pulled to the Catholic school down the street and I’ll be damned if the teachers didn’t let me have a personal field trip and take a trip to that school she was at and spend the day with her.  That was the last time I saw her.  I remember being a clean freak.  My teachers would give me extra duties after my work was done, in order to clean up the closets where all the games where kept.  I’d make sure that all the games where put away properly.  My teachers loved me.  I remember Mrs Pearson, my kindergarten and 1st grade teacher taking us on a field trip to her farm and spending the day out in nature.  She had a crab apple tree that was full of tent worms.  I thought they were all caterpillars and I wanted to keep them all.  So, I did what any good and curious boy would do in a set of coveralls.  I began stuffing them into my pockets, all of them.  I was shortly covered with them from head to toe.  I remember when I had the broken arm, I had to learn to write my letters with my left hand.  I am NOT left handed.  I remember getting my first Simon when I broke my arm.  It was a gift from my grandpa.  I remember being up north at Houghton Lake and my sister Shannon got mad at me, took my Simon and threw it in the lake.  I remember my mother babysitting for so many kids.  Chad and Shannon Ostrander, Curt and Michelle Gates, Scott Schaffer, Melissa Cusack, Berry and Chris Shaw.  Then there was my best friend, Tim Clark.  Him and I caused a whole lot of trouble together.  I remember so much from the house on Fenton Ave.  I remember bee’s made a nest on the side of our front porch where everyone came in and out.  I remember my first bee sting from those buggers as I decided I was going to play baseball with the buzzing bees.  I remember getting stung again in the backyard near where an old tree stump was.  I remember the swing-set and sandbox and burning barrels and metal shed.  I remember the huge pricker bushes that divided my backyard from the backyard of the guy that lived behind us.  I remember tossing gratuitous amounts of eggs at the back of his house.  I even remember stepping on a nail and having it go right through my set of white Converse AllStars and into my foot.  I remember being a stupid idiot and playing ‘baseball’ with Curt Gates and instead threw a rock and cracked his head open.  I remember eating soap because of saying bad words, didn’t help me none.  Oh my, I remember the ‘hill’ at the top of the block and how it seemed like we were going so fast down the hill.  When I lived on Glendale, I was thinking this when I rode my bike down that same sidewalk and laughing at how puny it really was.  I remember getting one of those old black and grey schwinn bikes and the day I got it, I was going down the ‘hill’, lost control of it and knocked myself out.  I remember waking up in my moms arms a couple hours later.  I remember play war with the kids up the street and the religious kids that would always come down and tell us how we were all going to hell.  I remember hating those kids.  I remember Tim pissing off his dog and his dog chasing after me and nearly taking my left ear off.  I have more memories then I thought, of this earliest time of my life.  It was fun, I was a kid and lived by my own rules for the most part, until the parents got involved and decided to destroy certain parts of my life that I cherished.

I lived there on Fenton Ave until I was 13.  Then, as I finished 6th grade, that summer I spent with my grandparents in Florida and got to experience 3 awesome months down there chasing lizards, swimming with whales, and watching really awesome sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico.  I really would have rather stayed there with my grandparents but that’s a blog for another day.


~ by aeroslin on April 11, 2008.

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