Yeah, another workout blog.

I’m whooped.  I did 30 minutes of leg work today.  That’s 20 minutes of walking on a 2.0 incline at 3.8mph and then 10 minutes on the bike running at apparently 18mph.  I know my heart rate had to be around 170 on that bike.  I know I sweated more on that bike then I have on anything else in the gym.  The music kept me going strong the whole time.  Sick of it All!

I did three sets of 8 on the machines I’ve been using.  Pull Over, Curls, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, and Pull downs. 

I did 2 sets of 8 of the pull downs at 140 pounds.  Last time I was only able to do 1 set of 8 at that weight. 

I tried to see how much I could bench press and set it to 155 but could only lift it halfway.  I set it down to 140 and pushed it up once.  That was after doing my last set of 8 at 110.  I’m getting better!  I know at my start I would have been lucky to press 80. 

I did 110 on my shoulder presses as well and that was 3 sets of 8.  I think my next round I will do 1 set at 125 and then the rest at 110 but I’ll have to see how that feels, I might be able to do all 3 at 125.

The pull overs I did 2 sets of 8 at 100 and 1 set at 112.  I’m starting to feel this work my upper abs now.

I did my 3 sets of curls but I did 2 sets of 8 at 50 and one set of 8 at 65.  Curls hurt my right arm around my elbow but on my inner arm.  I can feel it getting stronger but it’s going to take some time.

Last, I did some laps in the pool, sat in the whirlpool, then the sauna, then came home and now I’m beat.

My knees are alternating in their hurting.  I didn’t run today because they were really touchy.  It just didn’t feel safe to run on them, hence the bike.  I was right, you have to get on the bike and pedal it to turn it on.


~ by aeroslin on April 11, 2008.

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